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15 Minutes of Fury

An exploration of the impact of social media on the mental health of football fans

Our Mission
Use the power of social media influencers to raise awareness and reduce stigma around health topics
The Film
Follows influencers as they discover how online fame impacts them, their loved ones and the people in their community
The Platform
AFTV along with other football fan social platforms and influencers collectively have over 2 million subscribers and followers

It is an issue in football because we all think we're so macho, we just don't talk about these things

Hayley, Head of Physical Activity at Mind

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“ Me personally, if I suffered from depression I wouldn't actually tell anyone

“It's ok to show your emotions at the football and to talk about it there, how about in your daily life?

DT, Football Social Influencer

Robbie Lyle, Founder of AFTV


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